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Research Assistant Positions

Undergraduates participate in many RDCEP research efforts, working closely with faculty, graduate students, and postdocs. RDCEP offers paid hourly research assistantships for undergraduate students and post-baccalaureates interested in working on problems at the intersection of energy and environmental science. Students participating in the Federal Work Study Program are especially encouraged to apply.

If you're interested in working at RDCEP, please complete the online application here. If you have any questions regarding the application process, please let us know. We are also seeking undergraduate assistants to help with our K-12 education efforts, especially in teaching coding to middle school students in partnership with the Neighborhood Schools program. Contact Seth Severns for more information.

Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

We're currently accepting applications from local undergraduate students to participate in summer research at RDCEP. Please fill out this form, and email your transcript and resume to Seth Severns, on or before April 14th. We prefer students with skills in computer programming, statistics, web development / design, or communicating research results to the general public. For more information contact Seth Severns.

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Campus as a Lab (CaaL)

A central challenge of our time is sustaining the world’s developing population while minimizing damage to the environment. The Campus as a Lab (CaaL) Initiative uses Chicago’s own campus as a test bed for creating innovative solutions and developing skills in analyzing systems of energy and resource flows.

CaaL involves education in quantitative environmental analysis, research into practical energy management strategies, and communication that explains our campus and environment. Projects reflect our core values: data-driven and quantitative analysis, implementable solutions, and open-source tools and data.

Teaching and Mentoring Opportunities

RDCEP's undergraduates have many opportunities to gain valuable teaching and mentoring experience, including assisting with our urban research classes, mentoring summer research projects, and educating the general public. Interested students should contact Seth Severns.