John Gueringer

Summer Scholar 2013 -- City Energy Usage

I worked on a Chicago energy usage research project with Chicago 2010 Census dataThe aim of my project was to analyze Chicago's gas and electricty usage to determine what community areas, income brackets, and building types use the most energy. I focused on the relationship between a building's age and the building's energy usage. The overall goal of this project is to inform future energy policy in Chicago by showing where improvements can be made.

Sample Graphs

Summer Scholar 2012 -- Renewable Portfolio Standards Webtool

John Gueringer is a high school summer intern from Lindblom Math & Science Academy (LMSA). He is working as a researcher and programmer on an RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standard) feasibilty project. An RPS is a mandated amount of electricity that is to come from renewable sources of energy by a certain year. Because RPS's differ from state to state, and there are so many variables that affects each plan's feasibility, the project includes an RPS calculator (in Tools & Data section). The RPS Calculator is aimed at helping the user understand the feasibility of a particular RPS plan outlined by the state.

*Calculator currently functioning for Illinois only.

"This summer I learned so much about energy policy and computer programming. It's nice to hear about how the government is trying to switch the nation over to renewble sources of energy, but it's very enlightening to see how they actually plan to do make that huge transition. During this summer I've learned 3 different programming and scripting languages: HTML, Javascript, and CSS. Everyone here is so nice and helpful: I almost don't want to go back to school."

                                                                                                                 -John Gueringer