Brandon Peralta

Brandon Peralta is a high school student/intern from Lindblom Math & Science Academy, commonly reffered to as LMSA. Alongside Michael Glotter and Joshua Elliot, he has been working the summer of 2012 to help create a website to help discuss the effects of climate change on agriculture. On this website displays future and historical Crop models that predict agricultural yields for maiz, wheat, rice, and soy, each under different climate change scenerios. It is an interactive website, so different inputs can be put in by the user. This summer was especially important, considering the drought that is occuring. It was an excellent opportunity to take data, and get a glympse of what the future has in store. The website can be found at this adress:

"I felt like I was really a researcher, working with real data, and working with "big-world" problems, problems that actually matter, and that are applicable to the world. I had fun working with RDCEP. It was not what i had expected... it was much better! I made so many relationships with different people, people who could probably help me open many more opportunities in the future. This internship has been a great highlight in my life, and I recommend it to anyone." -Brandon Peralta