Science Object Linking and Embedding

SOLE is a reproducible framework that consists of several tools for engaging researchers in reproducible research. Our tools allow researchers to capture the software, data, and environments associated with a computational experiment into a package, and associate the package at different granularity levels with an article describing the corresponding experiment. SOLE tools are currently available through

A significant body of RDCEP research is disseminated through publications that describe the use of computational models and datasets, but are disconnected with the software and data. Publications describe data collected from various reports, websites, and simulations, or describe the use of computational models within workflows that read and manipulate inputs, execute on high-performance computing resources, and evaluate parametric sensitivity via large ensembles, the results of which are then communicated through plots and visualization.

To connect publications with artifacts of computational research we have developed an interactive publication framework, SOLE ( SOLE allows users to upload their publication in HTML form. It uses a tagging mechanism to associate phrases used in the publication with several artifacts of computational research. These artifacts, termed science objects, can be source code im- plementations of algorithms and functions, data, binary programs, run-time environments, workflows, and packages, and a virtualized environment. Several easy-to-use and intuitive tools are provided to authors to create the relevant science objects with easy-to-remember tags. Readers can verify reproducibility of models and datasets by repeating the exact same experiment, modifying parameters, viewing parameters in related publications, or even replaying part of the experiment.

SOLE is currently under development.  


Ian Foster | Tanu Malik | Raffaele Montella


Quan Tran Pham

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