Nina Keoborakot

Nina Keoborakot.png

Undergraduate, DePaul University

Nina Keoborakot is an undergraduate student pursuing a major in User Experience Design and minors in the History of Art and Architecture and Graphic Design from DePaul University. Her fields of interest are human centered design, data literacy, and data visualization. In addition to her work with RDCEP, she serves as a research assistant for Technology for Social Good, president of DePaul Textiles, and as a volunteer graphic designer for the Laotian American Organization of Elgin. 

Tabish Dayani

Undergraduate, University of Chicago

Tabish Dayani is a 4th year Chemistry major and Molecular Engineering minor. His interest in energy stems from his fascination with sustainability and renewables, and he hopes to work in a field that combines or incorporates environmental analysis and consulting. He also works as an Admissions Consultant at CollegeVine and captains the Men's Club Volleyball Team. 

Anna Blinderman

Undergraduate Student, Grinnell College

Research Assistant, RDCEP

Prior to becoming a Research Assistant, Anna has held prior positions with RDCEP such as Summer Scholar 2014 RDCEP-IIT and Boeing Scholars Summer Course 2013.  Her past research projects included the Agricultural Adaptation & the Green Revolution project as well as the Loop Lamp.

Download Anna's Summer Scholar presentation as a PDF.

Research Projects

Green Revolution | Smart Lamp

Husam Haj

Research Assistant, RDCEP


Husam Haj is a part-time research assistant for analyzing data sets regarding countries' agriculture. Being part of the IIT Boeing Scholar Program, he had an opportunity to work on determining the accuracy of City Infrastructure Data using the 311 Pothole Database. His favorite subjects are Math and Science, with a small passion for philosophy.

He is always involved in his school and community being part of several clubs: a member of a Leadership Grant Project (Breaking Barriers),  Founder of the JFK Aquaponics Lab, and was Captain of the JFK Debate Team. In the future, he hopes to major in Mathematics with a Specialization in Economics.

John Gueringer

Undergraduate, Illinois Institute of Technology

Research Assistant, RDCEP



John is currently an undergraduate at the Illinois Institute of Technology studying Computer Science.  Prior to joining as a Research Assistant, John was also a Summer REU intern in 2014 and a Summer Scholar from 2012-2013.  His past projects included a renewable portfolio standards webtool, which was designed to calculate the mandated amount of electricity that is to come from renewable sources, and city energy usage, which analyzed city data to determine what areas and buildings in Chicago used the most energy.

Currently, John is working for RDCEP as a research assistant on a city data validation project.