Sou-Cheng (Terrya) Choi


Research Scientist

Computation Institute

University of Chicago

Areas of Expertise:

  • Algorithms for large singular linear systems
  • Applied and computational mathematics
  • Industrial-grade software engineering

Choi currently focuses on computational issues and software design for solving scientific problems related to climate change and economic policies. She works on OSCEF, an open-source software framework and toolbox whose core is for formulating and solving large-scale computable general equilibrium (CGE) models, which are widely used in computational economics and climate policy analyses.  

In 2012, Choi was awarded the SIAM Activity Group on Linear Algebra (SIAG/LA) Prize for the paper based on her doctoral dissertation, "MINRES-QLP: A Krylov Subspace Method for Indefinite or Singular Symmetric Systems," SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 33:1810-1836, 2011. The prize is awarded every three years by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) and is considered one of the most prestigious prizes of its kind in the field. In 2007, Choi received Special Congressional Recognition from the U.S. House of Representatives for outstanding public service.

Choi received her PhD in Computational and Mathematical Engineering from the Stanford University. She was a Senior Member of Technical Staff with Oracle before joining the University of Chicago with a joint appointment in the Argonne National Laboratory.  Choi is a member of the SIAM, the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM), and the Hong Kong Mathematical Society (HKMS).