Smart Lamp Redesign

RDCEP ran a successful summer short course on how to design "smart" lamps that reacts to different forms of input data (such as Twitter data or Energy data). We are adapting this curriculum to be both an in-school and after-school program during the school year! 
One of the changes we want to bring about, this time, is to build a lamp that is 'reusable'! What does it mean by making the lamp reusable? It means the different components of the lamp can be assembled as well as disassembled very easily. This way, we can use the same lamp kit in different classrooms!
This design was created by Nathan Matteson, who is currently an assistant professor at DePaul university. The design files can be found a platform developed by Inventibles called Easel. Note: Easel requires a sign-in with a free account. Here are the links: 
123 & 4