Center for Robust Decision Making on Climate and Energy Policy

CIM-EARTH Energy Sector Module

Todd Munson, Aman Chitkara, Michelle Davies, Mark Woolley


  • Aman Chitkara
  • Michelle Davies
  • Todd Munson
  • Mark Woolley

Our work in energy modeling is motivated by our overall project goals of increasing fidelity in models used to study climate and energy policy; developing new methods for characterizing uncertainty and for robust decision-making; and studying scientific and policy questions.

Recent energy modeling activities have focused on developing core capabilities for representing the energy sector in ways appropriate for policy analysis.  We are focused on developing a more detailed representation of the U.S. electric power system in the CIM-EARTH model. Given the energy intensity and low rate of turnover of capital in this sector, a good representation of how the industry develops is crucial for evaluating policy proposals related to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.