Center for Robust Decision Making on Climate and Energy Policy

Dynamic Stochastic IAMs

Ken Judd, Yongyang Cai, Thomas Lontzek
Extensions of the Nordhaus DICE model, including a continuous time representation of DICE, which we call DICE-CJL and a dynamic stochastic integrated model of climate and economy--DSICE.
Tom Hertel, Jevgenijs Steinbuks
Agriculture and Forestry Modeling to better understand how uncertainty in climate impacts, mitigation policies and tech-nology affect the optimal path of global land allocations between food, biofuel, forest products and ecosystem services.
William Brock Yongyang Cai Tom Hertel Kenneth Judd Thomas Lontzek
Constructing a computational framwork for dynamic stochastic Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs), and applying it to economic questions using modern tools from decision theory.