Weisbach discusses Climate Change Justice on WBEZ

For nearly 20 years, the nations of the world have been discussing ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But from Kyoto to Copenhagen, the results have been limited.

The conversation in recent years typically goes something like this: Europeans blast the Americans for not signing on. The U.S. points the finger at China and India for not doing more. And relatively poorer nations point the finger back at the wealthier ones.

As the clock continues to tick on global climate change concerns, the resulting stalemates have significantly limited progress on reducing harmful emissions.

"Countries aspired to do little, agreed to do less and accomplished very little," write Eric Posner and David Weisbach of the University of Chicago Law School in their book, Climate Change Justice.

According to Posner and Weisbach, that's because the international community's approach to the problem is fundamentally flawed.

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