Open science is necessary

RDCEP researchers Yongyang Cai, Kenneth L. Judd and Thomas S. Lontzek authored an article on Open Science in the Journal Nature Climate Change. 

In “Open Science is Necessary,” Cai makes the argument that the US government does not do enough to ensure the sharing of research; both among government-financed research, and within the private sector. Much valuable information is not revealed to the research community; thus making the “kind of examination that is the norm for scientific communications impossible.” An example is given of the Interagency Working Group on Social Cost of Carbon, and the DICE2007 model used. Cai and fellow researchers had found significant problems with the model, and suggested a change in the parameters; so much so, that the original model exceeded the researchers’ predictions by approximately 50%. If the group had not had access to the model and relevant information, there would have been no discussion about the issue. Cai praises Nordhaus’ choice to participate in open science, stating that only the best research—through collaboration—can provide the “intellectual foundation for significant policies that address climate change