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Neighborhood environment and social mobility in Chicago

Neighborhood environment and social mobility in Chicago with Robert Manduca, 

Location: Searle 240a

Bio: Robert is a PhD student in sociology and social policy at Harvard University, and a visiting scholar at the UChicago Center for Spatial Data Science. His research focuses on urban and regional economic development and on the consequences of income inequality for US society. 

Description: This paper uses recently developed data to study the relationship between neighborhood environment and social mobility for children growing up in Chicago in the 1990s. Children who grew up in neighborhoods with higher levels of exposure to environmental toxins--lead, industrial pollution, and traffic-related air pollution--had substantially worse social and economic outcomes as adults than similar children growing up with less exposure to toxins. In 1990s Chicago, exposure to environmental toxicity was highly correlated with race, and it may be an important mechanism by which racial inequality is perpetuated across generations.