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R Spatial Workshop - Raster/Kriging

  • Searle Room 240B 5735 South Ellis Avenue Chicago, IL, 60637 United States (map)

The Center for Spatial Data Science is piloting an R Spatial Workshop for researchers, students, and staff. The workshops are run by Angela Li, R Spatial Advocate for the Center for Spatial Data Science.

There are two workshop tracks this quarter: GIS/Visualization and Raster/Kriging. The GIS/Visualization workshop runs from 10-11am on Wednesday at Searle 240B and the Raster/Kriging workshop runs from 2-3pm the same day and location. These workshops are open to the university community, as well as outsiders (please email Angela at for more information).

Workshop notes and scripts are posted online after each workshop, and serve as a record of what was covered at each workshop. These notes can also be used for self-study. Workshop schedules can also be found online.

Topics covered during the workshops include:

  • Spatial data formats

  • Projections

  • Spatial data handling

  • Spatial data operations

  • Static maps

  • Interactive maps

  • Organization of research projects

  • Reproducible research with R

Workshops are run at a beginner level, but previous experience with R is encouraged. Future workshops may delve into R packages for spatial econometrics and regression, such as spatstat and spdep. Please join the CSDS mailing list for weekly updates regarding the workshop.

More information here: