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Cheaper, Cleaner: A Game-Changing Model for Carbon Capture

Cheaper, Cleaner: A Game-Changing Model for Carbon Capture

***Note: This event was originally scheduled for December 6th and has been pushed to January 10th. 

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology has long been considered a necessary part of the energy mix if we are to reduce carbon emissions enough to avoid the worst consequences of climate change. But it has so far proven to be financially infeasible without a set price on carbon, with recent efforts such as Southern Company’s Kemper plant failing to get off the ground. Enter a new venture: NET Power. Instead of burning fossil fuels and capturing the carbon as a separate process after the fact, NET Power has designed an innovative process that uses the carbon to turn the turbines that generate electricity—making it both low cost and entirely clean. The technology could be a game changer for clean power, providing an alternative to intermittent solar and wind sources. Its model plant in Texas is set to begin producing power in early December.

Want to learn more about the technology? Join EPIC as we host NET Power creator Bill Brown.

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Event Date: 

January 10, 2018 12:30 PM


Saieh Hall, Room TBD




Bill Brown, CEO of NET Power