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GeoSci Seminar: Matt Huber, Purdue University

Killing Time: The Next Hyperthermal

Description TBD

Henry Hinds Laboratory, Room 101
5734 South Ellis Avenue, Chicago, IL

"My research and that of the CDPL is focused on past, present and future climate, the mechanisms that govern climate, the different forms that climates can take on Earth, and the relationship between climate change and life.  Major research areas include the radiative and dynamical processes generating tropical ‘thermostats’, and polar amplification of warming, as well as the ecological and evolutionary implications of these processes and patterns.  Most of my work so far has concentrated on the issue of how "stuff" (e.g. passive tracers, water vapor, heat, spores) goes from the tropics toward the Poles, and specifically with an emphasis on how these processes operates during greenhouse climates (e.g. the Eocene ~55-35 mya or the Miocene 23-5 mya ago).  I will be continuing to explore these general questions, in various forms, for the foreseeable future, with some diversions.... "