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African Food Systems in the Information Age (AFSIA) Forum

AgMIP, CESDEV, CGH, PIK, and RDCEP have come together to organize an expert forum this summer titled “African Food Systems in the Information Age”.

Advances in science and increases in investment and focus are producing vastly improved data on topics crucial for African food systems. When combined with powerful computer systems and new and existing models, new methods emerge that are capable of providing detailed, accurate, and actionable information on the state and future of African food systems. This new information age provides unique opportunities for accelerating agricultural development, improving seasonal forecasting and famine warning systems, increasing system robustness in the face of changing climate, enhancing the nutritional quality of food, and identifying and targeting heating interventions for learning about the state of the art in data-driven science and computational modeling, and for discussing how current and future data products, computational models, and computer systems can be combined and improved to advance the productivity and robustness of food systems in Africa.

The AFSIA forum is supported by generous contributions from Richard and Susan Kiphart, the University of Ibadan, and the University of Chicago.

Please contact for more information.