Teacher Training Program at the CenterSpace

This year RDCEP will be offering Training programs for CPS teachers, called the Energy Engineers.

This will be in collaboration with the following partners:

  1. Center for College Access and Success at the Northeastern Illinois University (CCAS@NEIU).  
  2. Project SYNCERE
  3. Planet Lab (Mumkin Studios)

This project is funded by HIVE Chicago.

Curriculum Highlights

The energy engineers curriculum spans several subject areas such as computer science, environmental sciences, physical science, mathematics and english language and arts.

Students and teachers learn to program a smart device (programmable LED strips controlled by Raspberry Pi, a microcomputer) called the Smart Lamp and connect to different live-data streams. 

Teachers attending the programs will receive CPDUs and can borrow the Smart Lamp kits from RDCEP and CenterSpace. 

The curriculum will be modular; teachers can sign up for anything between teaching 2 classroom hours of Energy Engineers Curriculum to an entire semester of classes (such as an X-block class, colloquium class, environmental science class or after-school program). 

Sign-up form

Teachers interested in the program can sign up here.

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  1. Hive website: https://tinyurl.com/HiveEE