Center for Robust Decision Making on Climate and Energy Policy

High School Outreach

Our high school outreach has two components: an in school research class and summer research internships at the University of Chicago.

1) In school research class

We partner with high school students at Lindblom Math and Science Academy, a near by Chicago public school, to teach a research seminar once a week during the school year.  Our classes emphasize teaching the scientific method by applying it to a variety of topics in the social science and urban research--addressing issues relevant to the students' environment and local community.  Our class prepares the high school students to join research groups at the University of Chicago over the summer. 

Energy Class 2012 

Urban Research Class 2012

Urban Research Class 2013

Urban Research Class 2013-2014

2) Summer internships doing research at the University of Chicago

Students from the Chicago area are given the opportunity to apply for paid summer internships in the RDCEP Center. High school students are paired with undergraduate and graduate research students. 

Summer Scholars 2012

Summer Scholars 2013

Summer Scholars 2014