Center for Robust Decision Making on Climate and Energy Policy

Outreach and Education

The overarching goal of the Center's Education Outreach program is to train people in the technical and critical thinking skills required to engage effectively in decision making in uncertain situations, particularly in relation to climate and energy challenges. 

Decision Maker Outreach

To assist in decisions related to the economics of climate change and energy policies, we hold workshops and conferences, maintain a working paper series, engage corporate affliates, and provide access to our data and code.

To get inolved in decision maker outreach contact Dani Wrobel (dwrobel AT uchicago DOT edu)

High School Outreach

Our education program are built around a two-part core philosophy: Build the next generation of academics by 1) broading representation by pulling in from the side and 2) providing a hand up the academic ladder by linking students to those a level above. To get students to pursue STEM fields, we believe they need to be engaged in authentic research experiences. We teach research seminars during the school year in collaboration with Lindblom Math and Science Academy and offer paid internships during the summer. These research experiences create a strong foundation for college by 1) preparing students for data-driven research, 2) developing mentoring relationships, and 3) creating a sense of belonging with university-based research groups. 

To get involved in high school outreach contact Meghan Vincent (bushm AT uchicago DOT edu) or Michaela Carey (mcarey AT ci DOT uchicago DOT edu)

Community Outreach

We support STEM outreach in our community through a number of activities including science fair judging, job shadow hosting, and giving energy presentations. 

To get involved in community outreach contact Meghan Vincent (bushm AT uchicago DOT edu) or Michaela Carey (mcarey AT ci DOT uchicago DOT edu)


Undergraduate students have the opportunity to participate in research with RDCEP as research assistants during the school year and in the summer. They are integrated with our graduate students and postdoctoral scholars enabling near-peer mentoring. 

To get involved in undergraduate research contact Alison Brizius (abrizius AT ci DOT uchicago DOT edu)


Graduate students are integrated with postdoctoral scholars and PIs in a vibrant interdisciplinary research community. Students regularly present their research in our so called "Foster Children" meetings. 

To learn more about our group meetings see our webpage.