Prototyping Our New Smart Lamp Design

RDCEP is adapting its successful summer course to an in-school and after-school program. To make the project cost-effective, we are prototyping new lamp designs. We will be designing two different lamps that serve two purposes:

a) An easy to assemble/disassemble design. This will be reused in different classrooms. It does not have any permanent connections such as glue. The different components will snap together easily through the use of slots. The design files created by Nathan Matteson can be found here on Easel. Here are the links: 
123 & 4

b) A huge lamp for school-wide display: This display will be "left behind" in school. The important features would be the ability for the schools to personalize the lamp with their logo or colors. It should also be self-contained for aesthetic appeal. We are still working on finalizing this design. We have some initial ideas from Jason Coleman at Project SYNCERE as well as Seth Severns.

To prototype the first, reusable lamp, Radha Ramachandran used the CIE fab lab at 53rd and Harper. She initially used X-carve to cut out the wooden plates. X-carve is a "desktop CNC machine". While it is pretty good at making carvings, it was beyond the capacity of a desktop machine to bore through half-inch of MDF! She then used their large (read industry scale!) CNC machine to cut out several outlines of the plates. Alison and Radha then used the Physical Sciences machine shop to make their final cuts. 

We now have a functioning prototype for the reusable smart lamp design!

Check back for updates on our Smart Lamp program's progress.