Urban Research: Class 7 Data Analysis

After 3 class field trips covering 10 wards (5 in the north and 5 in the south) the students started their data analysis. For each ward they had to digitize all of their raw data from their fieldwork and find the demographic information for their region based on the 2010 Chicago census. 

The students also had a chance to share their reflections with the whole class and everyone wrote a short paragraph about their most memorable experience. 

When I was taking data with my group in ward 39 there was a lot of little pre-school children holding on to a rope and walking around the neighborhood. I thought it was pretty interesting and cute. It said a lot about the neighborhood. It showed that the neighborhood was safe enough to have a whole class of pre-school students walk around with their teacher. It also showed the difference in safety levels in Chicago, I have never seen that happen in any other neighborhood.

Karen Guadarrama, 11th grade, Lindblom

[Ward 15—with police escort] Another great experience I had was when we were approached by a curious resident who wanted to know about what we were doing and why we were collecting data. The man who approached us was nice and he thought what we were doing was great and he hoped that more money would be allotted into his ward.

–Courtney Barnes, 11th grade, Lindblom